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I fully understand and acknowledge that participation in any dance class and other events/programs (such as workshop, rehearsal, performance, grading test, etc.) that are associated with the dancing activities offered by Huang Dance Studio (or the “School”) could involve a possibility of physical injury.  Despite precautions, accidents and injuries may still occur.  By signing this liability waiver form, I voluntarily agree, therefore, to assume all risks and responsibilities for any injuries or accidents, which might occur to my child during any of the Huang Dance Studio classes, rehearsals, performances, or related activities.  I also agree to exempt, release and indemnify Huang Dance Studio, its owners, teachers, staff members, and facilities from any and all liability claims, demands, causes of action, and costs/expenses resulting from injuries, damages, and loss sustained by me or my child that arise out of, in connection with, or are in any way associated with the activities involved with the classes and/or programs/activities offered by Huang Dance Studio.      

I understand that Huang Dance Studio is not responsible for my child or other children under my supervision who are left unsupervised in the common areas and areas surrounding the dance studio and that Huang Dance Studio will only be supervising my child when he or she is participating in scheduled dance classes, activities, and programs.

I understand that Huang Dance Studio is not responsible for personal property that is lost, damaged or stolen while I or my child is at or on Huang Dance Studio property. 

I also fully understand that the tuition once paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.

I further understand that that Huang Dance Studio promotes dance as an art form not only to its students, but also to the community at large, and that as such, articles, brochures, videos, and web sites including images of myself and/or my child may be used in Huang Dance Studio’s promotional materials (these materials may include but are not limited to, photographs and videos of classes and performances, newsletters and other promotional materials, and internet web pages).  I hereby permit the use of my, or my child’s image to be photographed, videotaped, or otherwise recorded for use in Huang Dance Studio’s promotional materials, and that I and my child have no rights to the same and will not be compensated for the same.   

I have read this liability waiver form and have been given the opportunity to speak with the representative of Huang Dance Studio prior to signing this form.   I agree to be bound by the terms set forth above.